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Hurricane Mk I trop French Limited Edition 1/72
 ARMA HOBBY Reference : 97AR70026

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Hurricane Mk I trop French Limited Edition - French markings 1/72

Hurricane Mk I trop fighter model in the colors of allied squadrons in the North Africa West Desert in 1941

Set contains:
  • Plastic parts
  • Decal for four variants of painting and markings (1 x Free French, 3 x RAF)
  • Template for canopy masks to be cut out from masking tape

Colour variants:
  • Hurricane Mk.I trop Z4615/ 6, Groupe de Chasse ”Alsace”, El Gamil, June1942.
  • Hurricane Mk.I trop V7544/TP-S, 73 Squadron RAF, P/O James Eric ”Jas” Storrar, Gazala, February1941.
  • Hurricane Mk.I trop P2638, 274 Squadron RAF, Gerawala April-May 1941.
  • Hurricane Mk.I trop V7770/OS-A, 3 Squadron RAAF, F/O John Francis Jackson, Benina, February 1941.

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