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BAIT 2500 + Échosondeur TF300
 JOYSWAY HOBBY Reference : Z023152F

 Price : 1269,95 €   Qté    
Bait Boat 2500 with GPS AUTOPILOT and TOLSON TF300 Fish Finder

With the great succes of the Bait Boat 500, JOYSWAY expands the range of bait boats by offering a model with a capacity of 2.5KG.
Big new feature, this boat has a built-in GPS system, with a single press of a button he returns to his starting point alone.
Other function of the GPS, 4 drop points can be memorized, At the touch of a button, the boat will automatically reach a stored drop spot.
The model delivered under this reference is equipped with TOLSON TF300 Fish Finder factory installed and tuned on the boat.

Specifications :
  • Lenght : 600mm
  • Width : 315mm
  • Height : 230mm
  • Weight : 4,1kg
  • Bait Load : 2,5kg maxi
  • Speed : 3 m/s
  • Powered by 2 powerfull brushless motors
  • LiFePo 15600mAh battery for a long range, charger included
  • Power battery indicator on transmitter
  • 2,4Ghz Transmitter for the best signal
  • Radio control bait release
  • Radio control hook release
  • Bleu and red LEDS for night fishing!
  • Catamaran-type hull for high stability and very low draft
  • GPS system for the automatic return of the boat to the starting point at the touch of a button
  • GPS system with memory of 4 drop points, to send the boat automatically to the correct position
  • Carry bag for free!

      TOLSON TF300 specs :
      • TF300 is a 3rd generation wireless fish finder, optimized sonar technology for carp fishing usage.
      • Adjustable hardware gain, for Shallow / Middle / Deep water mode, easy to use.
      • End user could update the software of the display & transmiter (CCU) with build in SD card.
      • The portable display, can be fixed on to most remoter with an additional support.

      Availability End of April 2020

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